Art Class

L.I.A. Project
Life Is Art

The therapeutic components of art have been well documented and expressed. This program has been developed to bring forth creative development and facilitate emotional expression in participants through art and community. To do this, we provide free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools & the community by mobilizing volunteer members to bring all forms of art to those in need.

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Male Student

Youth Employment Program

TMF Work It! program seeks to build partnerships with host employers in our community. We provide training and career experiences that help youth develop career goals, stay in school, achieve academically, and enhance social skills that enable them to succeed in life. 

Support Group

Group Facilitation

Let us help you by providing sound research based information and programs to your group, school, or staff. We facilitate a broad spectrum of topics including: Decision Making, Dating Violence, Professionalism, Hygiene, Diversity & Inclusion, Communication Skills, STDs, Abstinence, Vaping, Nutrition, and more. 


Community Service

Community growth is founded on those who give back with time, resources, and service. Join us in supporting those in need, in any capacity you may. Bring forth your gifts, talents, or learn / experience something new with us. We can not do it without you! 

Image by Zach Vessels

Global Service Projects

There are those in need of basic supplies, resources, and comforts far beyond what we realize and understand. Explore our service projects, and see how you can support globally by volunteering or donations. 


Entrepreneur Support

We strive to help expand ones visions, providing a forum for sharing and discussing your ideas, fears, and challenges. Providing new relationships and connections, partnerships, business ideas and even assistance in getting the administrative process started.