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We are now accepting applications for our 6-week summer 2021 program. Please Note: Due to COVID-19, Placements and programs may be limited or postponed.

If you are 14-15 years-old
If you are 16-19 years-old
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Given our current realities during the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer, our Youth Employment Summer Program has been redesigned, to accommodate social distancing recommendations.


Several training and experiences will operate digitally as we continue to monitor local, state and government orders and recommendations to determine the best options for in-person summer experiences for participants.

About Our Program:

The Metellus Foundation is the sponsor of the Work-It Youth Employment Summer (YES) Program. Work-It! builds partnerships with local employers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in Cabarrus County. Participants are motivated high school age youth seeking career exploration or employment opportunities. 


You Should Know: 

  • Accepted Work It! Students will need to commit to at least 6 weeks of work between June 7, 2021 to July 18, 2021.

  • Students are expected to prioritize at least 20 hours of work per week during the 6 weeks, if available via the participating employer.

  • Students who secure employment will be paid through the employer, at least at the minimum hourly rate set by North Carolina.

  • Mentorships and some internships opportunities are not paid, but valuable experience is gained

  • The Work It! Youth Employment Summer Program cannot guarantee internship or job placement but will work hard to place every participant.

When Participating in YES-Work It! Youth Must:

  • Be 16 on or before June 07, 2021

  • Graduating from or enrolled as a current student in Cabarrus County ( including charter schools, home school, eLearning).

  • Attend a Job & Career Readiness Training provided by The Metellus Foundation or its partners

  • Have a proveable barrier to employment (including low income, homelessness, etc)

  • Have a current photo ID and a Social Security number

  • Complete an online application and interview 

  • Be of good moral standing

  • Participate in our YES program orientation

  • Complete at least one form of community service before summer ends

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Step 1: Prepare

Gather your docs! For any job (not just WorkIt!), you must provide vital documents to prove you are eligible to work. Before getting started, check to see what documents you have already or identify what you will need to locate.

Do you have an email address? You’ll need one to apply for Work-It. If you need to, you can create a free email account using GoogleOutlook, or Yahoo.

Pro-tip: make your email address professional, such as We will contact you at the email address you enter on your application, so make sure to check your email often.

Step 2: Apply

Complete the online application. Filling out an application lets us know you’re interested in Work-It! Youth Employment Summer program and the earlier you apply, the better. This is also the opportunity to indicate if you are interested in working with a specific business or organization.  Applying does not guarantee placement at a worksite.

It is our intent to place every applicant, with a job, internship, or mentorship, but that is not always possibe, especially due to the restrictions during the Pandemic of COVID-19.

Step 3: Enroll

Enrollment is the opportunity to complete and sign required paperwork and submit copies or pictures of documents necessary to continue beyond the application phase. Enrollment is by invitation only and can be completed online.

Documents include proof of:

  • Eligibility to work

  • Identity /age

  • Cabarrus County residency

  • School status

  • Evidence of low income or barrier to employment

Don't forget to ask your parent or guardina for assistance locatioing important documents.

email: or contact us below:

Thanks for submitting!